Live/1975-85 (1986)

Produced by Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin

Engineered by Toby Scott

Mixed by Bob Clearmountain

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York

Performed by
Roy Bittan, piano / synthesizer / background vocals
Clarence Clemons, saxophone / percussion / background vocals
Danny Federici, organ / accordion / glockenspiel / piano / second synthesizer on "My hometown" / background vocals
Nils Lofgren, 1984-, electric guitar / acoustic guitar / background vocals
Patti Scialfa, 1984-, background vocals / second synthesizer on "Born in the USA"
Bruce Springsteen, vocals / electric guitar / harmonica / acoustic guitar on "No surrender"
Garry Talent, bass / background vocals
Steve Van Zandt, through 1981, electric guitar / acoustic guitar / background vocals
Max Weinberg, drums

Mixing assistant : Paul Haminson

Mixed and assembled at Right Track Recording on Sony digital 2-track equipement ; titles from 1984-85 recorded on Sony digital 24-track

Remote recording
(A) Record Plant, Los Angeles
Recorded by Toby Scott ("Fire" recorded by Jimmy Iovine)
Crew : David Bianco, Jim Scott, Mark Eshelman, Jack Crymes, Nick Basich, Bob Winder, Scott Stogel, Bill Freesh, Michael Novitch

(B) Filmways/Heider Recording
Recorded by Jimmy Iovine
Crew : Pete Carlson, Biff Dawes, Sandelson, Mays, McConnel

(C) Record Plant, New York
Recorded by Toby Scott
Crew : Phil Gitomer, Fritz Lang, Kooster McAllister, J.B. Matteotti

Additional recording
Hit Factory Studios, New York
Assistants : Mark Cobrin, Tim Kramer, Peter Hefter, Craig Vogel
Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles
Assistant : Paul Wortheimer
Right Track Recording, New York
Assistants : Scott Mabuchi, Billy Miranda

Technical Support
David Hewitt / Remote Recording Services
Jim Pace, Jeff Evans / A.I.D. Systems
Bob Schwall / Right Track Recording
Gus Skinass / Sony Corp.

Backround vocals on "Hungry heart" : Flo and Eddie
Miami Horns on "Tenth Avenue freeze-out" : Richie La Bamba (trombone), Mark Pender (trumpet), Stan Harrison (tenor saxophone), Eddie Manion (baritone saxophone)

Road crew, 1985
Tour director : George Travis
Sound engineer : Bruce Jackson
Lighting designer : Jeff Ravitz
Video director and video production manager : Arthur Rosato
Accomodations : Steven DePaul
Production manager : Lyle Centola
Stage manager : Bobby Thrasher
Road manager : Chris Chappel
Assistant road manager : Mike Grizel
Production road manager : Max Loubiere
Security coordinator : Bob Wein
Security : Chris Cowles
Personnal : Jimmy McDuffy
Personnal : Drew Houseworth
Personnal : Terry Magovern
The Cook : Obie
Physical therapist : Phil Dunphy
Equipment technician (guitars) : Mike Batlan
Equipment technician (drums) : Doug Sutphin
Equipment technician (keyboards) : Wayne Williams
Equipment technician (saxophones) : Kevin Buel
Clair Brothers Audio : Jim Devenney, Dave Powell, Dan Pfautz, Mike Keating, Gene Clair, Tony Rossi, Pete Pelland, Tom Foelinger
Tait Towers Lighting : Steve Hamelin, Cameron Cave, Scott Richmond, Steve Moules
Video production : Bowen Video
Video engineer : Jon Bowen
Cameras : Chuck Lee, Jim Lenertz, Don Davis, Jerry Saavedra, David Dart, Mike Tribble, Nicola Pecorini
Video projectors : Scott Chase, George Baker, Hugh Robbins, Rich Klein / World Stage
Carpenters : Steve Laleuse, Peter Purcell, Sean Magovern
Premier Talent Agency : Frank Barcelona, president ; Barry Bell, agent
Winterland Productions Concert Merchandising : Del Furano, Richard Fish, Roger Bratten
Travel : Carol Green

Art direction : Sandra Choron
Cover photography : Neal Preston
Contributing photography : Joel Bernstein, Watt M. Casey, Peter Cunningham, David Gahr, Annie Leibovitz, Jim Marchese, Eric Meola, Neal Preston / Camera 5, Aaron Rappaport, Frank Stefanko, Jimmy Wachtel, Jacquelyn Walsh

Management : Jon Landau
Associate : Barbara Carr
Office manager : Denise Sileci

Thunder Road : Roxy, 10/18/75 (B)
Adam raised a Cain : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
Spirit in the night : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) : Nassau Coliseum, 12/31/80 (A)
Paradise by the "C" : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
Fire : Winterland, 12/16/78 (A)
Growiní up : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
Itís hard to be a saint in the city : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
Backstreets : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
Rosalita (come out tonight) : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
Raise your hand : Roxy, 07/07/78 (B)
Hungry heart : Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80 (A)
Two hearts : Meadowlands Arena, 07/08/81 (A)
Cadillac Ranch : Meadowlands Arena, 07/06/81 (A)
You can look (but you better not touch) : Nassau Coliseum, 12/29/80 (A)
Independence Day : Meadowlands Arena, 07/06/81 (A)
Badlands : Arizona State University, 11/05/80 (A)
Because the night : Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80 (A)
Candyís room : Meadowlands Arena, 07/08/81 (A)
Darkness on the edge of town : Nassau Coliseum, 12/29/80 (A)
Racing in the street : Meadowlands Arena, 07/06/81 (A)
This land is your land : Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80 (A)
Nebraska : Meadowlands Arena, 08/06/84 (A)
Johnny 99 : Giants Stadium, 08/19/85 (C)
Reason to believe : Meadowlands Arena, 08/19/84 (A)
Born in the USA : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
Seeds : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
The river : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
War : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
Darlington County : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
Working on the highway : Giants Stadium, 08/19/85 (C)
The promised land : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
Cover me : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
Iím on fire : Giants Stadium, 08/19/85 (C)
Bobby Jean : Giants Stadium, 08/21/85 (C)
My hometown : Los Angeles Coliseum, 09/30/85 (A)
Born to run : Giants Stadium, 08/19/85 (C)
No surrender : Meadowlands Arena, 08/06/84 (A)
Tenth Avenue freeze-out : Meadowlands Arena, 08/20/84 (A)
Jersey Girl : Meadowlands Arena, 07/09/81 (A)