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    Trade Center Destruction.
Loss of Beauty
Loss of Life

World Trade Center

How is your life today?

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What I do for a living:

1.  Have fun.

What I do for fun:

1. Watch others having fun.
2. Dance freely through life.
3. Drive really, really fast.



Rose Lapin

January 14, 1910
April 2, 2009


Theodore David Schofield

March 25, 1931
November 28, 2010




Personal Message...   

Some of my suggestions for me:

1. Take life seriously.
2. Have fun while taking life seriously.                                  

3. Be serious.
4. Don't be serious.
5. Don't take yourself seriously.
6. EnJoy your gift of You.
    - You only go around once in the flesh as You.
    - You might be an aardvark in your next life.
    - You might be an E. Coli festering in the gut
       of a constipated aardvark in your next life.
    - You will be with God.  You already are.

Poem:   Freedom


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How to Contact Me:

1. Telepathy.  (You'll have to teach me how to do it).
2. Speak really, really loud.
3. Speak softly, but carry a big bullhorn.
4. Don't.  I'll contact you.      Zoom Zoom